Blog FAQs Part 3
by Esteban Castellanos - Published on 1/19/2017 14:26

Blog FAQs Part 3

I’m going to go through some of the many questions I get about websites and each month answer one of them. Today we go with…

What Should I Focus My Blog On?

This is an answer that will evolve as you continue to write your blog. To begin with you should narrow down a single topic that you are an expert on. By expert I don’t mean you have a PhD in it or you’ve had 50 years of experience in, what it means is that you have information that can help out someone. So, don’t get intimidated by the term expert.

Narrowing your focus to a single topic will allow you to organize yourself better and allow you to blog on a more regular basis. Keeping a broad mindset can keep your brain bouncing from idea to idea instead of concentrating on one and fleshing it out.

Won’t I Run Out of Ideas?

You probably won’t, there are more than enough tips and tricks out there to make sure you have a constant flow of ideas. Also, this is why I said that having a narrow focus is good to begin with.

You can broaden your ideas as a few things happen:

  • You develop your voice as a writer
  • New things happen in your industry
    • New legislation
    • New technology
    • New strategies
    • New thought leaders
    • Etc…
  • Your audience ask you questions

That last one is extremely important. Which brings me to my final point. What your blog should always focus on is your audience.

What Good is a Blog if No One Reads it?

Last week I re-posted an old blog about figuring out who your readers are and how to connect with them. Readers will become your most precious assets, they will ask you engaging questions, they will give you new ideas and they are the ones the blog is for.

If you’re just writing a blog for the SEO then it won’t be as effective in reaching the people you want to reach and it won’t be as valuable with SEO because one of the main things Google looks for is if it is of value to a reader.

I hope this has been valuable to you.

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