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We have many happy clients from a broad spectrum of industries and many of them engage our digital marketing services year after year. The good words our customers have to say about us are not only invaluable to us - they are also invaluable to our prospective clients. The proof, as they say is in the pudding, and what better proof of our digital marketing prowess than some testimonials from our very happy clients?

At WSI Lead Generator, we can help you with all of your website needs on a one to one basis. Whether you are looking for help improving website ROI, you need responsive design services or you are looking to launch a mobile website, our Internet marketing and design experts are on hand to help. We serve customers across Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Milton, Oakville and Streetsville and can help you to reach out to more local customers or to extend your reach nationwide and globally.

Other Testimonials from Internet Marketing clients located in Mississauga and The Greater Toronto Area (GTA)


"Dear Victor,
Just a quick, simple note to say thank you for your many years of excellent service.
You have been with us a long time now and It is my intention never to seek another Internet Provider or Consultant. 
Your work has always been exemplary and your personal attitude towards customer service is unmatched. 
I recommend you frequently and avidly when in discussions about such small business needs with colleagues. 
You have always addressed my concerns and been able to provide economic solutions that work for our company.
I can’t thank you enough.

Ed Hodge
Talisman Moving Service Inc.



"Very hard working and knowledgeable in the world of internet marketing was excellent to work with"

Charles Solnik



"I met Victor and WSI when I was working for another company, I came away so impressed by their expertise and knowledge that when I decided to start my own company 2 years ago I knew I had to get them to get me leads through a website.

WSI built me a great site with all my products and they started generating me leads with pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization. At first most of the leads came through PPC but after few months, when the optimization started to generate enough leads I actually had to pause the PPC campaign as the website itself is generating enough businesses.

I love working with them because they’re honest and upfront about everything that happens on the website, they meet with me in person to go over the results of the site, they update my site with any changes that need to be made, and they make sure that their first priority is generating me business.

I would recommend WSI to any business out there"

Ian Lintott
Total Sport Solutions



"We have had a website for many years and the site was not doing much for my business. In February 2009 WSI started managing our website. They meet with us on a regular basis and continuously adjust it. My website now is updated and keeps growing. But the neat thing is that now B-Safe is at the top of Google for relevant searches which have generated hundred of thousands of dollars in business with customers that I otherwise would have never met."

Brian Scheele, Master Electrician
B-Safe Electric



"After several bad websites and investments we finally struck gold. Finding WSI has been very good for our marketing. The people of WSI are professional, very knowledgeable and they have an incredible work ethics. They come to us with solutions not with excuses and they produce very measurable results. I gladly recommend WSI to anyone that is serious about their Internet presence."

Now I will partially shift my spending in directories toward more Internet Marketing..

Jamie Pimentel
Manager, Fernanda's Beauty Products 


"When our website recently went down due to issues with our web provider, I called Victor to see if he had any insight into what might be causing the problem and possible solutions. Not only did Victor take on the responsibility of contacting our web-hosting company and DNS provider, but he followed up with them over several days, found a new web hosting company that would provide better service, and single-handedly set up our new web service, including transferring our website to the new servers and setting up new email servers in the process. Victor achieved all of these things while out of the country attending a business conference, on his own time and at no extra cost to us.

This level of dedication is why we will never use another web designer or marketing company, and why I will always recommend Victor’s services to friends, family, and colleagues as someone in whom I place my absolute trust. Victor saved us a lot of money as each day our website was down was costing us thousands in lost revenue. If he had not jumped in and helped when he did I hesitate to think of the position we might have ended up in. "

Rocky Fuda
Viktoria Inc.


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