You Should Consider Remarketing
by Esteban Castellanos - Published on 3/16/2017 14:19

You Should Consider Remarketing

Things sure have changed from the days of the Yellow Pages. You just picked an ad and that would be your expert for the day. Now you have access to the expertise of thousands upon thousands of experts who all want to share their knowledge. And that is what people ate doing, according to a study conducted by Google, 47% of revenue generated in the US comes from purchases made in more than one day. More than one day = multiple visits to your website, probably over the course of days or even weeks.

Consumers are smarter and more informed than most businesses would like. They scour the Internet for every last review they can find. They check out your main competition and then they track down competitors you didn’t even know you had. The key to success is getting consumers back to your site after they’ve done their research (of course, the other key is having a user-friendly website that converts, but we’ll assume you’ve got that!).

What if we told you (in our best Morpheus voice) that there’s a way you can entice previous visitors to return to your website? In video form, here are 4 reasons why you should consider remarketing: 


1. It Keeps The Conversation Going

50% of shoppers browse a website up to four times before they make a purchase. By serving display ads to users who have visited your site and navigated away, you are staying top of mind throughout the buying cycle. It’s very important that your brand pops into the customer’s mind at the moment they make a purchase decision, and remarketing enables you to be present when it matters most.

2.You Can Grow Your Brand Awareness

Boosting your online brand awareness is a huge component of remaining top of mind with your customers. If consumers are aware of you both before (via display ads) they visit your site and after (via remarketing), chances are they’ll view you with a higher degree of trust and credibility. When push comes to shove, emotions play a role in final purchase decisions, which means the more a consumer thinks they know and trust you, the more likely they are to buy from you.

3. Increase Your Website's Conversions

The majority of your website visitors will stop by once and never return. The users who do find their way back to you are the ones you have the best chance to convert. One way you can increase your chances of converting a returning visitor is through remarketing. People usually have reservations or barriers to purchase. If you spend time getting to know your audience and have the correct analytics in place, you’ll discover some of the common issues your customers have. By addressing some of these barriers to purchase with your remarketing ad messages, you’ll have a stream of returning visitors who are primed to buy.

4. Squeeze More Out of Your Marketing Budget

On average, display and remarketing campaigns are the most cost-effective methods of increasing brand awareness and generating a higher conversion rate on your digital property. Cost per-click or per-impression models allow you to name your price, and targeting options enable you to choose exactly who gets to see your ads. And the best news of all? The moment you notice an ad isn’t driving the desired result or is getting too expensive, you can make instant changes. Remarketing is a great fit for many businesses, which is exactly why you should consider a trial campaign for your brand!

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