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The third step in the WSI Approach after Creating an Affordable Web Solution and Building Targeted Traffic is to Convert your Visitors into Customers.

How to tell if your website is really working Close the credibility gap

Customers can be skittish, especially online. The slightest lack of credibility will send them back to their search engine results to find another site which may have a more professional or trustworthy appearance.

Look like a million bucks, without spending it

Your website’s design, layout and overall presentation are other important factors that affect your conversion rate.

No one likes to shop in a store that’s disorganized, run down or poorly staffed. Customers want to find what they’re looking for easily, and when they have questions they expect a knowledgeable associate to be available to assist them.

This expectation is also true online. Confusing layouts, incomplete product information and broken links account for the majority of customers abandoning a website even though they had already made the decision to purchase. Your goal is sales, so make sure there are as few roadblocks between your products and the check-out counter as possible .

You now have traffic, you have convertion, then what?

Now you should improve your performance on a regular basis. Click here to learn how you can  have continuous improvements in the performance of your internet marketing

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